Sports & Recreation

Goals and Objectives
The objective is to provide an environment where Aboriginal people are presented with the tools and options along with support to participate in sports, recreation and cultural programming. This will be accomplished by providing culturally appropriate sport and recreational services along with disseminated information on a wide range of opportunities available and offered in the City of Saskatoon.

  1. Provide sport, recreation and culture programming for Metis youth and adults.
  2. Increase participation rates of all our Aboriginal youth and adults in sports, culture and recreational programs.
  3. Develop a feeder system into Saskatchewan elite athletical sport programs.
  4. To develop partnerships with other existing sport governing bodies and community organizations.
  5. Provide sport and recreational programming that is culturally sensitive to Aboriginal youth and adults. To provide sport and recreation along with cultural activities to adults that fit age, gender and recreational relevance.
  6. To increase Aboriginal participation rates among Aboriginal youth and families.
  7. To provide support services for our youth and adults to participate in mainstream sport and recreational activities.
  8. To develop partnerships with other community organizations that provides sport and recreational activities.
  9. To work with school divisions on after school sport and recreational activities.
  10. Develop leadership and mentorship activities with our Youth and Elders.
  11. Develop a volunteer database to help with activities associated with sport , recreation and culture programs.
  12. Design cultural, sport and recreational feeder system into Saskatchewan sport and recreational initiatives.
  13. Provide safe environment to play and to implement programs, along with educating our youth on fair play rules.
  14. Develop Coaches and mentorship opportunities.